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3 Days Diet Plan


Our 3 days diet plan is based on the principles of time technique of weight loss. There isn’t any commitment or guarantee of a certain amount of weight loss, but it is certain that this is very effective in losing a couple of kilos due to the consumption of low quantum of calories. It has been seen that people refrain from making long term weight-loss commitments. The Diet Clinic’s 3 days diet plan teaches you to incorporate new and healthy eating habits into your regular and random daily life.

3 Days Fat Flash Diet Plan


We all want more from our life – love, affection, success, wealth and health. But, above all is our biggest wealth: Our Health. Unwanted fats that accumulate in our body are the signs of an unhealthy lifestyle and non-caring attitude towards health. The 3 days fat flash diet from Diet Clinic works on the theory of - Take it off, but take it off healthily, especially if you want to keep it off. The diet plan initiates fat loss by flushing out the unwanted fats from our body, making way for lean muscle mass. There are certain things that we humans also want in less - less stress, less girth around our hips, less belly bulge and jiggly upper arms, and less stress. With Diet Clinic’s 3 days fat flash diet plan, get what you have deserved in more and get rid off what you have never or wanted less.

7 Days Diet Plan


Diet Clinic’s 7 Day Diet Plan is most suitable for all of you, who want to lose weight in a short amount of time and in a healthy and safest manner. The basic principle of this plan is to consume very little calories. This is scientifically worked out by calculating your height, weight, gender, age, and body mass index. The 7day diet plan can also be categorized under the detox diet group, as the main purpose of the diet is to free your body from harmful toxins and promote quick and effective weight loss.

Liver Cleaning Diet


The things that we ingest (eat and drink), play a very large part in how we feel and the general state of them. Together with the kidneys, the liver is responsible to process these harmful products and eliminate them via three major exits: sweat, feces, and urine. Moreover, the liver also aids in building up reserve energy via the storage of glycogen, to help with the metabolism of protein, as well as fats.

Janmasthami Festive Offer


Festivities are filled with tradition and much of which involves getting together with family and friends - and eating. Without a doubt, this time of year poses a real challenge when it comes to watching the waistline. Always remember, that the best results transpire when you consume a healthy and well balanced diet

Janmasthami Festive Offer 4 Months

We stuffed ourselves with all kinds of foods and drinks, even sometimes with those that we would not normally consume during other time. Convincing ourselves that regardless of how much weight gained during this festive period

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